Be Thou My Vision: A Pastor’s Book Review

Author Jonathan Gibson’s “Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship” is a thoughtful and enriching resource that can transform the daily worship practices of individuals and communities.

As a pastor with 20 years of experience, I found this book to be a valuable addition to the library of any believer seeking a deeper, more intentional connection with God in their daily lives.

In this post, I’m sharing my views about this book and what I like about it.


Gibson masterfully weaves together the timeless truths of the Christian faith with a practical and accessible approach to daily worship.

The book is structured around the concept of liturgy, providing a framework that guides readers through a rhythm of prayer, Scripture reading, and reflection.

This intentional structure helps to create a sacred space within the routine of daily life, fostering a sense of continuity with the historic Christian tradition.

What I Like About “Be Thou My Vision” Book as a Pastor

One of the strengths of “Be Thou My Vision” is its emphasis on the centrality of Scripture. Gibson encourages readers to immerse themselves in the Word of God daily.

It offers a carefully curated selection of passages that cover a broad spectrum of biblical themes. This approach deepens one’s understanding of the Bible and fosters a holistic engagement with the Christian narrative.

The liturgical nature of the book lends itself well to communal worship. Hence, I find it as a valuable resource for pastors seeking to guide their congregations in cultivating a robust and consistent daily devotional life.

The prayers provided are rich in theological depth yet accessible to individuals at various stages of their spiritual journey. As a pastor, I appreciate the flexibility the liturgical structure offers. It allows adaptation to the specific needs and traditions of different congregations.

Furthermore, Gibson incorporates many historical Christian prayers and hymns, connecting present-day believers with the broader communion of saints throughout the ages. This historical rootedness adds depth to the worship experience, reminding readers that they are part of a larger narrative that spans centuries.

While “Be Thou My Vision” is a well-crafted resource, pastors need to note that the liturgy presented may need to be adapted to suit their congregations’ unique context and traditions. Pastors can use this book as a guide while allowing room for personalization.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Jonathan Gibson’s “Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship” is a valuable resource for pastors and individuals alike. Its emphasis on daily engagement with Scripture, thoughtful prayers, and connection to the broader Christian tradition make it a meaningful tool for fostering spiritual growth and intimacy with God in the midst of our busy lives.

I highly recommend it to pastors seeking to enrich the spiritual lives of their congregations and to individuals desiring a more intentional and meaningful daily worship practice.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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