How To Read the Bible And What Is The Best Order: The Beginner’s Guide

The Bible is not an ordinary book. It is a complex collection of diverse texts written over thousands of years, encompassing various genres, historical contexts, and cultural nuances. Its layers of meaning and theological depth require a thoughtful and informed approach to grasp its message truly.

Here, we present the fundamental elements necessary for a deeper comprehension of the Scriptures.

Read in Context

Reading the Bible within its broader contextual framework is crucial to understand its essence. When faced with the ambiguity of a specific verse, reading the entire paragraph encompassing it is recommended.

Exploring the entirety of the chapter in which it resides can provide additional clarity. For an even more comprehensive understanding, delving into the complete book of the Bible in question offers a broader context that unveils its deeper meaning.

Best Order To Read The Bible

I suggest reading the Bible in the order indicated below. The following books will give you the Bible’s primary plot and major concepts.

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Joshua
  4. 1 Samuel
  5. 2 Samuel
  6. 1 Kings
  7. 2 Kings
  8. Ezra
  9. Nehemiah
  10. Habakkuk
  11. Proverbs
  12. Luke
  13. Acts
  14. Ephesians
  15. Revelation

You can read the other 51 books in any order to help you fill in additional details.

Pray Before You Start Reading

Before you begin reading the Bible, take a moment to pause and invite God to communicate with you. Keep in mind that the Bible represents God’s divine message and acts as a personal expression of His love for His people, including yourself.

Ask God to assist you in comprehending His Word. Request His guidance in utilizing His Word as a source of instruction, advice, and even correction, if needed. Seek His intervention in using His Word to deepen your knowledge of Him and foster a genuine love for Him.

Remember, God delights in unveiling Himself to those who earnestly seek Him, as Jeremiah 29:13 affirms.

Start Small and Read a Little Everyday

Incorporating God’s Word into your daily life doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Starting small is perfectly acceptable, as even dedicating five or ten minutes holds more value than not engaging with it at all. Sometimes, a shorter duration of reading can yield better retention, allowing you to remember and internalize more of what you read.

Choose a time and place that suits your convenience. Many individuals opt to read the Bible first thing in the morning, prioritizing their time with God before the distractions of the day set in. However, if mornings don’t align with your preference, there’s no need to worry. What matters most is that you make an effort to read God’s Word, regardless of the specific timing. 

The key is to find a setting and schedule that works best for you, allowing you to establish a consistent habit of immersing yourself in God’s Word.

Apply the Bible to Your Life

A practical approach to enhance your understanding of the Bible is to contemplate how its teachings can be applied to your own life. 

The objective of studying the Bible extends beyond acquiring intellectual knowledge alone. The true essence of the Bible lies in its potential to profoundly transform your heart, mind, emotions, and entire being.

Bottom Line

Delving into the pages of the Bible is a journey of discovery, wisdom, and transformation. By approaching this ancient text with intentionality and the right tools, we can unlock its timeless teachings and apply them to our lives.

Opening our hearts and minds to God’s guidance, we invite Him to reveal Himself through His Word. Through prayer and seeking His presence, we can experience a personal connection with the Creator, allowing His Word to transform every aspect of our lives.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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