How To Understand The Bible: A Guide to Understanding the Scriptures

The Bible is a complex and revered literature collection of texts that holds significance to many people. It has been crucial in forming people’s cultures, worldviews, and moral principles. Understanding the Bible can be both a valuable and challenging task because of its various genres, historical setting, and layers of interpretation.

As a pastor for 20 years, here is a brief guide to help you navigate the complexities of the Bible and gain a deeper understanding of its teachings.

Recognizing the Diversity of Text

The Bible is a collection of numerous books produced by diverse authors in distinct historical and cultural contexts rather than being a single book. It encompasses many literary genres, including poetry, history, prophecy, parables, and letters.

Understanding these genres is crucial for interpreting the intended message accurately. For instance, reading a poetic passage metaphorically rather than literally can lead to a more nuanced comprehension.

The Bible offers numerous insights that help unlock its meaning. Irrespective of your background, the message of God in the Bible is accessible and not distant, as stated in Deuteronomy 30:11.

Understanding The Bible

Foremost, the fundamental step toward comprehending the Bible is approaching it with the right attitude. Recognize the Bible as God’s Word, a divine wisdom and guidance reservoir. Embracing humility is vital, as highlighted in 1 Thessalonians 2:13 and James 4:6, where it’s evident that God opposes the proud.

Secondly, acknowledge the need to be open, receptive, and teachable as you engage with the Bible verses. However, this does not entail surrendering your intellect to blind faith. Romans 12:1-2 encourages you to exercise your “power of reason,” implying that a thoughtful engagement with the text is acceptable and encouraged.

Moreover, Proverbs 3:5 reminds us not to rely solely on our understanding. Instead, it encourages us to lean on God for wisdom. This principle is reaffirmed in James 1:5, which urges us to consistently “ask God” for knowledge in understanding the Bible.

Prayer becomes a vital tool in unlocking the deeper meanings of the scriptures. As you study and meditate, seek guidance through prayer, inviting divine insights to illuminate your path.

Understanding the Bible is a lifelong pursuit and not a one-time achievement. Each reading unveils new dimensions of insight. Approach the text with a learner’s spirit, eager to explore its depths and nuances.

Your comprehension of the Bible’s teachings will also mature as you grow and evolve. Allow the scriptures to be a constant source of growth and enrichment throughout your spiritual journey.

Engaging with others in discussions about the Bible can provide fresh perspectives and broaden your understanding. A diverse range of viewpoints can illuminate passages that seem challenging or ambiguous.

Group studies, conversations with fellow believers, and exposure to various interpretations can deepen your grasp of the text and enhance your ability to apply its teachings to real-life situations.

Reading Different Translations

I suggest starting with a translation that adheres closely to the original wording. This will help you grasp the closest intended meaning. The English Standard Version and the Christian Standard Bible are commendable choices in this regard.

Nonetheless, delving into multiple translations of a passage can unveil nuances you might have previously overlooked. Occasionally, transitioning from a more literal rendition to a paraphrase can shed fresh light. While I wouldn’t advocate relying predominantly on a paraphrase, it does serve as a beneficial supplementary resource.

Seeking Help From Fellow Seekers

The importance of seeking guidance from those with a deeper understanding of the Bible cannot be overstated. The Bible itself advocates for this approach, emphasizing the value of accepting assistance from individuals who are well-versed in its teachings.

Acts 8:30-31 illustrates this principle, recounting how an Ethiopian eunuch sought help from Philip to comprehend a challenging passage. This incident serves as a reminder that reaching out for guidance is commendable and constructive.

Seeking God

We will not understand the Bible alone. The journey of comprehending the Bible transforms when we recognize that God sheds light on its intricate passages. 

He surpasses our limitations and addresses our blind spots, rendering the pursuit of comprehension feasible. The previously insurmountable barriers become navigable with divine insight, enabling you to glean depths of understanding beyond your individual capacity.

As you read, God’s presence is integral to the process. His influence is not external but intrinsic to shape your perception, thoughts, and emotions and unveil aspects that would have remained concealed otherwise.


Understanding the Bible is a journey of discovery that encompasses humility, prayer, diligent study, and collaboration. 

Embracing continuous learning and seeking multiple translations enriches your exploration, offering fresh perspectives that deepen comprehension. Engaging with fellow seekers in discussions and studies fosters community and widens your perspective.

Lastly, seeking help from those who possess a deeper understanding and recognizing the divine role in understanding the Bible is pivotal. The presence of God in your journey transcends mere reading, becoming an internal dialogue that unfolds new dimensions of wisdom, understanding, and transformation.

Ultimately, the Bible is not just a text; it’s an intimate conversation with the divine, an ever-unfolding revelation that invites you to plumb its depths and find its timeless truths etched within your heart and spirit. May your pursuit of understanding the Bible be a fulfilling and enlightening journey that nurtures your faith and enriches your life.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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