Is Pedophilia A Sin In The Bible?

While the Bible does not explicitly mention pedophilia, it is evident that several biblical principles apply to this grave sin. One of these principles is the Bible’s perspective on the sin of fornication. 

In this post, I will discuss the Bible’s stance on pedophilia and provide guidance on this topic.

What Does The Bible Say About Pedophilia?

The term “fornication” in the Bible, known as “porneia” in Greek, carries a consistent meaning in Hebrew and Greek texts. This Greek word is the root of the English words “porno” and “pornography.”

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Fornication encompasses any form of illicit sexual activity, which undoubtedly includes the reprehensible actions of a pedophile, including the reprehensible acts of collecting and trading explicit or indecent images of young children.

Individuals who engage with this kind of explicit material often progress from mere consumption to actual harmful actions against children, inflicting profound damage. Fornication, as delineated in Galatians 5:16–21 as one of the “lusts of the flesh,” and also highlighted as one of the evils originating from the heart of a person estranged from God in Mark 7:21–23, is a pertinent concept.

Pedophiles share the distinctive trait of being “without natural affection,” as referred to in Romans 1:31 and 2 Timothy 3:2. The expression “without natural affection” is derived from a single Greek word, conveying the idea of being “inhuman, unloving, and unsociable.” Those who lack natural affection behave in ways that deviate from societal norms, a description that undeniably fits a pedophile.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 addresses various forms of sexual immorality and underscores the importance of living a righteous and morally upright life. Moreover, Ephesians 5:3 reminds us of the high moral standards Christians are called to uphold, which explicitly includes refraining from any form of sexual immorality.

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Protecting and Nurturing Children 

Matthew 18:6 emphasizes the severity of harming children and causing them to sin. It’s a strong warning against those who would exploit or harm innocent young ones. The words of Jesus in this passage echo with a resounding call for protecting and nurturing children, urging us to shield them from harm and guide them toward a life grounded in faith and virtue.

Furthermore, the teachings of Jesus extend to a profound message about the role of children in our faith and spirituality. When Jesus used a child as a symbol to impart His lessons to the disciples, He emphasized the essential value of childlike faith in our journey toward the kingdom of heaven. He taught us that embracing the innocence, trust, and simplicity of a child’s faith is crucial in pursuing a closer relationship with God.

In Matthew 18:1–14, we witness not only the significance of childlike faith but also the compassion of the Heavenly Father towards His “little ones.” Jesus vividly described God’s heart for children, highlighting the significance of ensuring their safety and fostering spiritual development. This message calls upon us to act as these young souls’ protectors and mentors, ensuring they are nurtured with love, faith, and safety.

Bottom Line

The Bible provides us with a moral framework and principles that strongly condemn any form of sexual exploitation, especially that which harms innocent children. Pedophilia is a sin, no discussion. 

In a world where the innocence of children is so vulnerable, it is our responsibility as individuals and as a community to stand as protectors and guides, ensuring they are enveloped in an atmosphere of love, faith, and safety.

As a pastor, I encourage you to heed the call to protect and nurture future generations, following the teachings and guidance found within the pages of the Bible.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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