What Do Angels Look Like Based on the Bible?

Angels, as spiritual beings, can appear in different forms. The Bible shows that they can sometimes look like humans. However, the descriptions of angels in Scripture can be strange, so we can’t be sure exactly what they look like.

In this article, we’ll explain the different forms angels can take according to the Bible.

How The Bible Described Angels

Variation of angel from the Bible

Angels are immortal spiritual beings (Luke 20:36).

Angels have existed since before the Earth’s creation. They are immortal because, like God, they are spiritual beings and do not experience death.

They serve as messengers (Hebrews 1:14).

Angels fulfill God’s instructions on Earth. They deliver God’s messages, as seen in the stories of Lot and Mary. They protect us (Psalm 91:11) and sometimes appear in human form to assist people. They faithfully carry out the Father’s will in all circumstances.

Some angels are involved in warfare and destruction (Psalms 78:49).

According to biblical accounts, angels form the heavenly army of God. They are the warriors who engaged in a celestial conflict before Satan’s downfall, and they retain the ability to initiate warfare and bring about destruction when commanded by God.

Angels should not be worshiped (Revelation 22:9).

A biblical angel serves as God’s messenger or servant. Despite their awe-inspiring nature, they always direct attention back to the Lord and should not be worshipped as a substitute for Him.

Angel Appearances According to the Bible

another angel from the Bible

In Revelation 4:8, there is a reference to four living creatures standing before God’s throne. These creatures have six wings and are adorned with eyes all around, including underneath their wings.

Similarly, in Ezekiel 1:16-18, Ezekiel describes beings resembling “wheels within wheels” with each of their four rims covered in eyes. These unique angels serve as the wheels of God’s throne.

Certain angels described in the Bible also took on the appearance of humans when interacting with men. Daniel, for instance, portrayed the angel who appeared to him as a man (Daniel 8:15).

In Genesis 18:22, three angels visited Abraham and appeared as human travelers, which prompted his hospitable response. These same angels later guided Lot and his family out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In the New Testament, the individuals present at Jesus’ tomb on the morning of His resurrection were described as “two men in dazzling clothes” (Luke 24:4).

It is evident in the Bible that when unveiling the heavenly glory to individuals such as John, Daniel, and Ezekiel, the descriptions of angels can be pretty extraordinary and perplexing.

However, when angels were engaged in earthly tasks, they appeared in forms that were relatable to the people who encountered them. This suggests that angels, being spiritual beings, can assume various forms. It also highlights how God can manifest His wonders in ways that surpass human understanding, even in seemingly simple manifestations.


While we may not have a definitive and comprehensive description of angels, Scripture offers glimpses into their diverse forms and manifestations.

Knowing what angels look like deepens our understanding of the spiritual realm and reinforces our faith in the existence of these celestial beings. 

Additionally, understanding angelic appearances can prevent confusion or misinterpretation, ensuring we do not mistake angels for other entities or fall into idolatry by worshiping them. 

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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