What Does The Bible Say About Dinosaurs?

While the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention dinosaurs, many believers have pondered whether these prehistoric creatures had a place in the divine creation narrative.

This post will explore various perspectives and interpretations from religious scholars and scientific experts to shed light on what the Bible may indirectly reveal about dinosaurs.

Did God Create Dinosaurs?

When thinking about dinosaurs, we often envision massive and ferocious lizards, which can be challenging to reconcile with the notion of a harmonious Garden of Eden.

Fossil evidence shows that dinosaurs were a diverse group, ranging from the size of a rabbit to colossal creatures measuring 20 feet in height, 85 feet in length, and weighing up to 50 tons.

They displayed various locomotion styles, some being light-footed and bipedal, while others moving slowly on all fours. Their dietary preferences varied, including carnivores and herbivores, with certain types adapted to aquatic habitats and others dwelling on land. However, the majority of dinosaurs were around the size of humans.

Furthermore, the longevity of human life from the time of Adam until Noah presents another perspective. With individuals living for hundreds of years—Adam at 930 years, Methuselah at 969, and Noah at 950—is it logical to consider the possibility that humans were once much larger and taller, though not necessarily comparable to 20-foot dinosaurs? Such a concept could be analogous to how the grandeur of a blue whale surpasses the modern average human size.

Considering the portrayal of peaceful coexistence in heaven from the passage in Isaiah 11:6-7, where predators are depicted living harmoniously with other animals, we are led to question whether the aggressive nature of predators today was present at the beginning of Creation.

It is conceivable that, before the introduction of sin, animals, including dinosaurs, were originally peaceful creatures. The corruption of animals, brought about by the advent of sin, led to death, predation, and the principle of “survival of the fittest.”

Dinosaurs and The Bible

Some agree that the Bible mentioned dinosaurs but did not use the term “dinosaur” explicitly. Instead, the Hebrew word “tanniyn,” translated to various English translations in our Bibles, is used.

It is sometimes called a “sea monster” and, in other instances, a “serpent.” The most common rendition is “dragon” in the KJV. The “tanniyn” appears to represent a colossal reptilian creature, mentioned nearly thirty times in the Old Testament (e.g., Psalm 74:13; Isaiah 27:1; Jeremiah 14:6), both as inhabitants of land and water.

Another Hebrew word, “livyathan,” transliterated as “leviathan,” is found six times in Scripture (e.g., Job 41:1; Psalm 104:26) and is associated with a large, formidable sea creature.

The description of Leviathan in Job 41 conveys an image of an exceptionally robust and graceful creature, invincible against which conventional weapons prove futile. Job 41:33 emphasizes its unmatched power: “Nothing on earth is its equal.”

Did Dinosaurs Board The Ark?

From a biblical perspective, the most credible explanation for dinosaur extinction is the global Flood described in Genesis 6 and 7.

Following the Flood, humanity experienced a rapid decline in both size and lifespan. Among the casualties of the deluge was a group of enormous animals. God foresaw that feeble man could not control these gigantic creatures as human strength diminished.

Bottom Line

The absence of the term “dinosaur” in the Bible does not diminish the awe-inspiring diversity and grandeur of the natural world, including the existence of these prehistoric creatures. As scientific knowledge advances, our understanding of Earth’s ancient history and the potential coexistence of dinosaurs with early humans may evolve.

Regardless of one’s stance on the matter, the Bible’s profound spiritual teachings and enduring messages continue to guide and inspire humanity on its journey of understanding and discovery.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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