Is Eating Meat a Sin in the Bible?

The majority of Christians may eat meat because they consider animals to be God’s creations for human consumption. But given that God did not give a command to eat animal flesh when He created the world, does this imply that eating meat is a sin in the Bible?

Even though it’s possible that no one ate meat in the Garden of Eden, the Fall fundamentally altered everything, including how well man could relate to God.

They had to be physically clean in order to be clean before God, but the blood of Jesus completely purifies a person. The way that man interacted with God altered how he felt about meat.

What Does the Bible Say About People Eating Meat?

Adam and Eve were initially placed in the Garden of Eden by God. They walked the earth while remaining naked and innocent.

In Genesis 1:30, it is said that every beast of the earth, every bird of the heavens, and everything that creeps on the earth has the breath of life and God had given every green plant for food.

Adam and Eve can eat any fruit or vegetable as long as it didn’t come from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And death had not yet come into the world. God forbade eating meat in the Garden, so they refrained from doing so and would never have thought to kill an animal and eat it.

Death also entered the world as a result of the sin of eating the forbidden fruit. After eating the fruit, Adam and Eve realized they were naked, marking the first known example of an animal getting killed to support human life (Genesis 3:21).

What people consumed between the Fall and the Flood is not mentioned in the Bible. Genesis 9:2-4 outlines what God made clear about what people could eat after the waters subsided.

It is unclear whether God was confirming that people could eat meat prior to the flood or whether God was allowing them to do so without doing so. 

According to Exodus 12, Moses and Aaron were ordered to inform the Israelites that each man will take one lamb to feed his family. But He made it clear that the meat shouldn’t be consumed raw or boiled in water, but rather that it should be roasted over the fire.

Leviticus 19 also says that one should not eat meat with blood on it.

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Is Veganism or Vegetarianism Biblical?

It is evident from examining what the Bible says about meat that being a vegetarian or vegan is not against Biblical teaching.

Anyone who feels they should give up meat for any reason, including the fact that they don’t feel well after eating it, is not breaking any rules; rather, they are simply exercising their freedom in Christ to live however they see fit.

It captures the apprehensions the Corinthians had regarding consuming sacrificed meat. Christians are free to forgo meat if they believe it is morally or healthfully appropriate to do so.

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At Pastor’s Take About Eating Meat

Founder of the vegan Saint Francis of Assisi Parish of The Humanitarian Church in New York, Pastor Rob Munro, holds that eating animal flesh prevents you from having a spiritual connection. According to him, we can make that connection without visiting a church. God will find you, he claimed, if you stop eating meat and lead a moral life.


An act that goes against God’s will is a sin. While personal sins are the sole responsibility of the individual Christian, the Original Sin was inherited from Adam and Eve. Although breaking God’s commandments is regarded as sin, there is still debate over what actions or inactions qualify as sin.

Despite an increasing number of Christians who believe that going vegan not only brings them closer to God but also brings all of us closer to the Peaceable Kingdom that is predicted in Isaiah, the majority of religious people do not believe that eating meat is a sin.

Diet is a personal decision based on health requirements and preferences. Food exists primarily to provide sustenance and subsequently to give pleasure. Food is delicious, but for some people, it can be a challenge.

There is freedom in Christ to eat meat, drink alcohol, or consume sugar, but it should never become an idol or a hindrance to others.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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