Is Throwing Away a Bible a Sin?

Many wonders if throwing a bible constitutes a sin due to its exalted status. To get rid of it would be incredibly uncomfortable. In Christianity, the Bible is regarded as the most sacred book.

The Bible is not revered or regarded as holy in Christianity unless it has received a priest’s blessing. It’s simply another book; what matters is what’s written in it and how you use it to better your life. However, the majority of us hold our Bibles in high regard.

What Does the Bible Say About Throwing Away a Bible?

You’ve likely questioned what to do with outdated or damaged Bibles you no longer use. You’d like to know if there’s a biblical manner to discard these books rather than just throwing them away appropriately. 

Within its pages, the Bible does not mention throwing a Bible as a sin. The physical components of the book—paper, parchment, leather, and ink—are not sacred nor sanctified, even though God’s message is holy and deserving of respect (Psalm 138:2). The Bible is to be valued and revered by believers, not worshiped or idolized.

How to Make the Most of an Old Bible?


Your best option for disposing of your Bible is to donate it if it’s in fair shape. You could donate it to a specific person, a cause, or even your neighborhood church. 

Repairing or Rebounding

You might always try having your Bible repaired or rebounded. Many book repairers do a fantastic job of giving worn-out volumes an entirely new appearance. They can also bring a Bible back to its original condition if your Bible has sentimental value or was significant to you for any other reason.

Passing it Down

Most individuals store certain Bibles in their homes. You might start your own custom of passing down the Bible through the generations, a principal activity in today’s society, or you could use the Bible as a family legacy.

How Should an Old Bible Be Thrown Away?

Below are some of the more respectful approaches.

Bury the Bible

Burial is among the most respectful methods to eliminate a Bible (Matthew 8:22). It depends on you whether you want an open grave or a small, private burial. You would be restoring the Holy Book to Earth in this manner.

Cremation of the Bible

The practice of cremating national flags is remarkably similar. Some individuals can consider the act of burning the Bible to be hostile or disrespectful to the book. There is nothing wrong with the method if you follow it with respect and with the right intentions.

Dispose of the Bible Through Recycling

Since paper is the primary component of the Bible, recycling is not a wrong choice. Recycling your Bible is also a cleaner, more eco-friendly method. By choosing sustainability and protecting God’s planet, Earth, you will contribute back to nature.

As stated in John 6:12, nothing should be wasted. This verse implies that we should not be wasteful. 

Dispose of Bible with The Dead

It is entirely acceptable to bury or cremate the Bible with you or your loved ones if that is how you or they have requested to be buried or cremated (Genesis 15:15). It is also considered a respectful approach to disposing of the Bible.

Make sure the decedent left specific instructions regarding the location of the Bible and how it should be interred with them in their will.

You can then place the Bible on the deceased inside the casket for viewing at the funeral. Then, they can both be buried or cremated together, as you desire.

Bottom Line

It is not sinful to dispose of an old bible. However, it is best to dispose of it respectfully.

We regard the Bible as holy, but we do not worship it. We honor God. We value and revere God’s word, though. The words that motivated us to become Christians must also be respected and treasured.

As a result, if the Bible is unreadable, we should have a method for relieving it of its obligation to spread the word of God.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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