Is Kissing or Making Out a Sin in the Bible?

Kissing isn’t sinful, according to the Bible. There are no commandments in the Bible that instruct us that we cannot kiss. But when does kissing becomes a sin in the Bible?

Kissing or making out before marriage triggers lust or leads to sexual immorality. Lust is considered a sin, one of the seven deadly sins.

The truth is kissing is a great temptation that most couples can’t handle. If you feel even a little temptation, you must stop. Once you start kissing, you can only move forward and go deeper. 

What Does the Bible Say About Kissing or Making Out?

According to 2 Timothy 2:22, the Bible teaches us that we should not intentionally cause ourselves to experience the passions that are especially strong at a young age.

Many passions are common in youth. However, sexual desires are the strongest of all emotions. We must remember that unmarried couples should avoid situations that intentionally cause us to boost our sexual emotions and passions.

Note that touching someone or daydreaming about someone opposite sex will incite sexual passion and emotions.

It will always be considered a sin for an unmarried man or woman to do stuff that will cause him or herself to be sexually aroused, like kissing, which can be so provoking. Galatians 5:16 warns against satisfying the desires of the flesh.

Keep yourself from creating opportunities to sin. Escape temptations and sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 6:18). Never spend much time alone with someone of the opposite sex in a small space. 

As I read Matthew 5:27-28, it was simply a reminder for everyone not to spoil our thoughts about having sex with another person who is not our husband or wife. Therefore, we should not tolerate doing things that might provoke the other person or us.  

If we are not married, we understand that it is a sin when we do not escape sexual sins and cause others to become sexually stimulated. Once stimulated sexually, commonly, men and women tend to perform some form of sexual activity for them to release sexual tension or enjoy an orgasm. Thus, 1 Corinthians 7:1-2 warns us to get married first to avoid immoralities. 

Bottom Line

Kissing influences neurotransmitters and hormones in our bodies. There are different kinds of kisses that will remind someone special to you how important or how you respect them. But this will never be advisable if you plan to wake up your libido.

Kissing on a forehead is a sign of respect, especially to the elders. It’s an act of love without showing any negative intention. This action will make your someone feel special. 

Another is kissing the hand of your special someone; it’s also a good way of showing appreciation to someone special to you. A kiss on the cheek may also do so, or a smack on their lips.

However, if you are not married to your partner, giving them a french kiss might provoke you into something you won’t be expecting. Remember that it is better to avoid than to have regrets in the end.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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