Is Oral Sex a Sin in the Bible?

Some people may ponder whether or not oral sex is a sin in the Bible. The answer is that there is no evidence in the Bible that oral sex within marriage is a sin. God created sex. He made it for the delight of a husband and wife within the holy marriage covenant, and it is meant to be fun.

Oral sex can be a lovely and enjoyable method to increase closeness, pleasure, and connection in your marriage. But what about oral sex between unmarried people? Young people are made to think that oral sex is not really sex because of the lack of intercourse.

While some periodicals advertise it as “safer” sex and an alternative to intercourse, Christians are perplexed about what is allowable in the marriage bed.

The Bible’s Stand About Oral Sex

Before marriage, any form of sex, intercourse, or oral sex is forbidden. God commanded that one should not have sex before marriage. Because of this, in Genesis 2:24, God says a man will leave his father and mother and be wedded to his wife for them to become one flesh.

According to research, a man’s oxytocin level rises after engaging in a sexual connection. A husband’s brain reconnects with his wife. And it’s not just chemicals being produced; they are one for a little moment.

God only allows sexual behavior between husband and wife. Based on Hebrews 13:4, which urges us to keep the marriage bed undefiled, any sexual practice that involves anybody else, even pornography, is immoral. Many theologians feel that two veiled passages in the Bible refer to oral sex. The first is in Song of Solomon 2:3.

In this verse, it seems Shulamith requests that her husband blows on her garden (a metaphoric reference to the vagina used throughout the Song) and for its spices to come out. Of course, no one can be certain, but Shulamith may be urging her husband to pleasure her by touching her with his mouth. She then encourages him to enter her “garden” and feast on the joys that await him.

Sex and Marriage

As long as the following factors are present in your marriage, you and your husband have an extraordinary degree of God-given freedom in your bedroom (including oral sex).

Mutual Consent (1 Corinthians 7:5)

Whatever you decide, you must both be at ease with it. You should both feel secure. The safest place for you and your partner should be your bedroom.

It is not honoring the marriage if one partner is constantly pressing the other. If one partner is never open to the other spouse’s pleas to try new things, that is also not honoring the marriage.

In the bedroom, seek ways to serve, honor, and encourage one another.

Sex is motivated by love rather than lust (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5)

Lust sees individuals as things to be used, whereas love sees them as souls to be treasured. Make sure you’re not fantasizing about others when having oral sex (or any sexual act) with your partner.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus declared that gazing at someone lustfully is committing adultery in your heart. Maintain your attention, thoughts, and fantasies on your spouse.

Sex occurs exclusively in marriage (Hebrews 13:4)

Outside marriage, any sex, including oral sex, is a sin. Oral sex should not be considered a reasonable alternative intercourse for unmarried couples. We set a high bar in the New Testament by not permitting “even a whiff of sexual immorality” (Ephesians 5:3).

Is Oral Sex Required for Married Couples?

We live in an age of instant pleasure. It all revolves around you and your desires. However, sex is not about you; it is about the gift you give to your partner and the gift your husband offers to you.

It is crucial to remember that God made sex a beautiful expression of love for married couples.

When either the husband or wife does not believe that sex is a “beautiful expression of love,” the couple should make some modifications in their sex life.

In some cases, the acts are not mutually beneficial to each individual. Oral sex is not forbidden in the Bible, but it may not be acceptable for every marriage.

Consider these questions while deciding whether or not oral sex is a sin.

  • Is oral sex voluntary, and has it been agreed upon by both the husband and wife?
  • Why do you desire oral sex? Is it for pure sexual pleasure or to fulfill a pornographic sexual fantasy?
  • Has the Holy Spirit convinced you or your partner that oral sex is wrong?
  • Is oral sex uplifting and fulfilling for both you and your spouse?

While answering these questions, ask for God’s direction. He’ll disclose the solution for your relationship.

If oral sex isn’t common in your marriage and you’d like it to be, communicate to your spouse about it. Don’t put pressure on them.

Communicate your desire and inquire whether they are interested. Discuss the reasons why they aren’t comfortable with it. Improved communication leads to improved sex. Above all, respect and honor one another.

Bottom Line

Oral sex is sex, according to the Bible, and should be reserved for matrimony. Some Christians think that just intercourse should be saved for marriage. Most Christians read the Bible to teach that we should devote all sexual activities after a man and woman are married.

Sex is incredible, and God desires that we have plenty of it. Oral sex is permitted, but only inside the limits of marriage.

When the Bible mentions sex, it symbolizes the joining of a man and a woman in matrimony. When sex occurs outside the setting of marriage, a slew of adverse effects are introduced: sexually transmitted illnesses, AIDS, unexpected pregnancy, emotional trauma, guilt, and so on.

We should remember that we should not give the benefits of married people to just anyone. As Christians, we should honor God and ourselves. If you are married, you should also honor your spouse.

Pastor Christopher Turk
Pastor Christopher Turk

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